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Interior Design Services

Kitchen & Bath Design - Free Design with Cabinetry Deposit

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  Ready for the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams? Dive into a remodel project with A. Lee Interior Design. We will handle all of the measuring and work with you and your ideas to transform your kitchen or bathroom into a space you love.


  A kitchen or bathroom remodel isn't just all about looks. We want to make sure that your space is being used to its full potential. Walk us through how you currently use your kitchen or bathroom and what you like or don't like about your existing space. Both form and function are integral parts to a successful renovation!


  Bring your contractor, or use our list of references. Free kitchen design is only applicable after a design retainer is collected and your cabinetry is purchased through A. Lee Interior Design. We offer hourly rates for design if you have another cabinet line in mind. A budget number is required to begin any design process with us. We can't wait to refresh the heart of your home!

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